Now more than ever being fit and healthy is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. The Complete Fitness programme is a totally bespoke fitness programme designed to help you achieve all your physical goals. This programme can be done individually or in groups of up to three.


Complete Fitness is unique; as a firm believer that exercising outdoors is far more beneficial than doing so in a gym environment, the programmes are designed to utilise the outdoors and this amazing area we live in.  The bespoke sessions are a complete fitness regime and target cardio, strength, flexibility and core stability. This method means that you as a client can then continue your fitness journey between sessions, with a bespoke training plan that needs no equipment or gym facilities.


Your Complete Fitness journey begins with a 1-2-1 consultation (via Zoom or telephone) to gather information about you and outline your goals. We will then design a completely bespoke programme to help you achieve your goals. As part of this programme there will be regular 1-2-1 sessions and alongside these sessions you will be provided with a home exercise plan to follow in between sessions to continue with your fitness journey. Having regular 1-2-1 sessions helps keep you accountable and motivated throughout.